About Us

Our slogan: Work That Body by KEO. We believe we have to love our body so our body can deliver its best!

Nothing is impossible with determination and motivation. If you already own these traits, you are going to be on track to achieve amazing results. Why not wear the perfect clothing during this journey and feel sexy and comfortable at the same time?

KEO Sportswear is a collection of innovative fitness clothing; in the process of creating the sportswear we are taking great care while having a strong focus on harmonising quality, comfort, and fashion.


Our sportswear is made from Italian prime fabric which is amazing at retaining size and shape as well as colour. Of course to maintain these features and to ensure a long lifespan, the recommended care and usage is important.


A challenging workout demands a comfortable training outfit. Every single piece of our collection has various levels of thickness and is made of different compounds of fabrics. In the summer season we work with a thinner material which almost gives you the feel of a second skin. In the winter we use a slightly thicker material.

Furthermore we perform ongoing experimentation with new technologies, materials and innovations which allows us to provide sportswear with the perfect hold and flexibility.


Would you like to feel truly sexy, confident and comfortable during your workouts? Then do not hesitate to have a look around on our website and choose the best matching pieces to your personality!

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